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Two-minute hate

Today was the first day I managed to get in a few hours worth of woodworking in quite a while. I got started on the repair of my tool chest. There was a lot of repetitive work to be done, rip, cross-cut, plane etc. I didn’t mind it, I was actually pretty relaxed. It then dawned on me that I hate IKEA.

Why do I hate IKEA? Do I really need a reason? I just hate the place. I hate that people go there. Why do people have to go there?  Nobody should be allowed to go there. We should ban it!  I mean, from what I’ve heard they basically force you to go there and buy stuff. I see how it works. I see what they’re up to, and I hate it. That store is just ruining my life. I can’t really explain how, it just is.

Well, even though I hate it I probably shouldn’t. Because the one good thing about IKEA is that it gives me something to write about when I can think of absolutely nothing intelligent to say. I can just mention how crappy I think IKEA is and I have an instant woodworking article! No thought, no talent, no real opinion, no substance, no sweat!


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