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Do chicks dig woodworkers?


The “age-old” question among male woodworkers is: Do women dig woodworkers? For the purpose of my research I will define ‘woodworker’ as both a professional, and a hobbyist. This is a question that I’ve had on my mind on and off for the past three years. After completing an “exhausting” amount of research, my conclusions may surprise you.

Firstly, let’s list some of the professions that I consider “Chick-Magnets”: Just about any professional athlete, Fireman, pop musician (the guys in the London Philharmonic aren’t coming home with Taylor Swift on one arm and Kate Upton on the other), Medical Doctor, Lawyer (to an extent), and soldier (preferably a commissioned Officer).

I’m going to leave off the list jobs such as actor, because even though they get a lot of women, the field is too small. You can say the same thing about musician as well, but it’s been my experience that even low-level, amateur garage bands get groupies, where the guys who appear in school plays were far less popular among the ladies for the most part.

So where does professional woodworker fall on the Chick-Magnet list? Well this is just my opinion, but I would say somewhere between pimp and dog groomer. Now I’m not saying that a professional woodworker cannot find a perfectly lovely woman to marry, but I am saying that he had better have a hell of a personality to go along with his job. He had better be one charming dude.

The news isn’t all bleak, however. I’ve found that being an amateur woodworker does have at least some potential. Though being an amateur woodworker alone means almost nothing to the average woman, if you combine it with a decent job, it starts to gain a little cache’. For instance, I am an electrician. On the ‘Chick-Magnet Job List’, electrician falls smack dab in the mediocre department. What I mean to say is, not many women are gasping “I have to have him, he’s an electrician!” BUT, when you’re an electrician and you can make furniture, suddenly you’re a guy who can wire up the house as well as make the furniture for it, and that bumps you up on the list a little. Of course, if you happen to be a doctor who makes nice furniture, then you are really flying high.

So my conclusion is this: Professional Woodworker-not a chick magnet, not even a little, and it’s not just because most professional woodworkers have no fashion sense, bad facial hair, and for some odd reason, no athletic ability-though it doesn’t help matters much. Amateur woodworker-not a chick magnet until you combine it with some other profession. Optimally, you will want to already have a chick-magnet job to combine along with woodworking, but as long as you have a decent job to begin with, that bookcase you made during the weekend will manage to look fairly impressive to the average woman.

With all of this being said, my advice for any lonely fellows out there is to either get a Chick-Magnet level job to begin with, or if you’re like most mortals, get a decent job that you are good at and combine it with a fairly useful hobby. Or, you could just go to the gym, work out, and get muscles like Captain America.



  1. Andrew says:

    Where to plumbers rate on the scale? I’ve been thinking of giving engineering and becoming a plumber.

    Well, based on the check I wrote him last week, I think he makes more than I do…

    • billlattpa says:

      I would say that plumber falls right around the same spot electrician would. I think that money is important, but so is “status”, at least as in how it pertains to the woman. For instance, a guy may be a lawyer who works for the DA. Now even though he is not making the same money that some lawyers make, in fact even less than a good electrician or plumber would earn, but the fact that he is a lawyer goes a long way.

  2. theindigowoodworker says:

    or win the lottery

  3. dzj9 says:

    Personality goes a long way, as they said in Pulp Fiction. 🙂

    • Wesley Beal says:

      That’d need to be one charming Mother effing plumber.

      Plumber ought to get a lot more respect. I think woodworking is a good niche skill under this subject as it shows the ability to care for the nest. Basically, being a decent woodworker means you’re in a better position to provide for the home. Plumber ought to be the same. But alas, the world just doesn’t care.

    • billlattpa says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as to call a plumber filthy, but they are dirty….

  4. Chris says:

    Heh. I’m a book indexer and woodworker. How’s that for glamour!

  5. PS says:

    More details from Scientific American blog on the same subject.
    According to this I think we just need to take more photos of our work.
    Yes, I am sure chicks dig guys who read Scientific American…

    • billlattpa says:

      Thanks for the link! That was an interesting article. I’m kind of surprised that my “Chick-Magnet” jobs list was fairly accurate. I thought it was pretty funny (and telling) that the person who wrote the article mentioned advancements in plumbing technology probably have not only made life much easier, but probably has saved many lives as well. Yet nobody knows the inventors responsible for those advancements.

      That kind of illustrated my point. You can be an electrician making 100k per year, yet the average woman will be instantly more attracted to a lawyer(all other things being equal) who makes the same money. Part of it is the mentality that “working with your hands” makes you less intelligent. I’ve written about it before, but more importantly I’ve lived it.
      Thanks again!

  6. I’ve found that woodworking has been the least effective way in gaining a partner. A face for radio is also a burden!

    • billlattpa says:

      I’ve honestly had some very attractive women pay me compliments on my woodworking (except for my wife of course). Now, being that my wife is the only opinion that matters at the end of the day, and that I also have a face fit for radio, I need to go to the gym and shoot for muscles to impress her.

  7. bloksav says:

    Some years ago it was quite trendy in Denmark to be a handy man i.e. being able to do stuff around your house and build your own carport etc.
    But I think it has fallen out of favour again.
    For some reason chicks normally love people who wear a uniform, but it has to be a cool one.
    McDonalds doesn’t count. But a police officer even thought they really don’t make that much money are somehow always popular. So are airline captains. But they do make a bunch of money, so that could be it.

    But I think that chicks do like woodworkers, because if working wood makes you happy, it will show in your general behaviour and appearance (happiness that is).
    And chicks like guys who are self confident and level with themselves.

    Awesome topic by the way.

    • billlattpa says:

      Here, firemen are popular, policeman not so much. Soldiers were always held in hugh regard, but women always preferred the officers. Handymen arent always so popular anymore. Some women seem to think less of tradesmen of any kind. Yet, if a guy is a doctor, or lawyer who happens to enjoy woodworking then they would probably brag about his hobby. It’s all very complicated.

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