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I subscribe to a good number of woodworking blogs, with nearly every one of them being written by an Amateur. I enjoy reading about what other woodworkers are building, and their opinions on the subject. That being said, I don’t know if I have a favorite. I used to enjoy the Lost Art Press blog and at one time considered it my favorite, but for a long time I stopped reading it, mainly because of some of the comments/commenters. Since that falling out, I’ve read few, if any professional’s woodworking blogs.

My question to the readers of this blog is: What is your favorite woodworking blog? And, if you feel so inclined to tell me: Why is it your favorite? I really only ask for one reason, and that is I am always looking for new material to read, and I like to think that if you are reading my blog, then we probably have at least a little in common, and that includes what type of woodworking blog we enjoy. So I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.



  1. I always read your blog, because it’s entertaining :). Stephen Shepherd’s blog is one of my favorites, since he does a lot of interesting repairs and period work. Link:

  2. theindigowoodworker says:

    I’m liking GS Haydon and Son. It’s a pretty new blog. He talks about hand tool methods mostly. Woodworking from an Englishman’s perspective. They have a business but the blog isn’t oriented towards it at all.

  3. theindigowoodworker says:

    Ok, as I say not oriented towards the business his last post does talk about a job they have going on but that isn’t the focus of the post. Read it, you’ll see.

  4. gman3555 says:

    There’s a list on my blog page for ones that I read. Not trying for page views, just easier than listing them here. Generally I gravitate to the blogs of those who are actually working wood, no matter their skill level. I also concentrate on those that are using mostly hand tools. I have nothing against power tools, it’s just that I don’t use them. I like blogs that challenge the status quo, yours for instance. There are far too many “bandwagon” blogs out there and I skip over those.

    • billlattpa says:

      I like reading blogs because I’ve found that I usually get more ideas from blogs than any other source. For instance, you had a post a week or so ago with the dovetailed pencil box. That is a project I’d really love to make (if I manage to actually start making things again). Seeing other woodworkers like myself build things is my best source of inspiration.

  5. dzj9 says:

    I avoid the ones that plug one thing or another. Pegs and Tails ain’t bad.

  6. No one true “favorite” blog.

    To tell you the truth, I read your blog because it’s on the Norse Woodsmith aggregator. I’m very grateful for the N. Woodsmith site because it drops a huge variety of blogs right into my lap. There’s only two or three blogs on the site that I don’t bother to read–no yours isn’t one of them–but why should I be a jerk and describe why I hate those two or three blogs?

    Most of them I enjoy, all the various styles: Only period handwork, mixed machine and hand, the guy who posts about 30 pics of furniture from auction houses per blog , the “English dudes”, etc. Each blog has it’s style that would just be crap if someone else tried to imitate it.

    • billlattpa says:

      I use Norse Woodsmith as well. Most of the blogs I subscribe to are because of N.W. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve read some pretty bad blogs. Not necessarily because the woodworker wasn’t talented, but because they were trying to imitate other blogs, poorly, which basically makes them try too hard, or they just seem phony on their own.
      I try to write well, meaning good grammar, sentence structure, etc. But I also write exactly what I am thinking. I can’t tell you that I have some sort of goal with each post, but if I did have one, it would be to have any reader know that what you’ve just read was as close as you can get to having a conversation with me. When you read this blog, you are getting not only a glimpse into my thoughts, but my conversational style. I write exactly how I talk. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to the people that read the blog. But I can tell you with all honesty that what you are reading is what I am thinking.

  7. Seekelot says:

    Usually I race each morning through the blog listings and They have a fairly exhaustive listing of handtool blogs, lots of overlap between the two.

    I really like the Lostartpress blog, lots of new stuff. I also like Peter Follansbee, renaissance woodworker and many others. Yours ain’t too bad either, mostly for the amusement factor (to be honest). I don’t read too much comments, they are often just a peanut gallery.

    • billlattpa says:

      Thanks. I don’t present my blog as a teaching tool. It’s an honest attempt at putting my thoughts in print. I like to think that I’m a pretty unique guy, and if I’ve had any success it’s because of that. All of the best woodworking information has been out there for at least a century, so why should I bother with trying to top it? I do put projects on here sometimes, or a tip or two that I’ve stumbled across, but mainly I’m just trying to have a conversation.
      I use Norse Woodsmith as well. I used to follow LAP, but in the past 6 months I can count the number of times I’ve been there on one hand. I don’t care for some of the comments or commenters for that matter, and that sometimes includes what Schwarz himself has to say. I used to like when he gave snarky answers to smart ass commenters, but there’s been times when he’s given those answers to people that were sincere as well, though maybe there was more than meets the eye in some cases. At that, his posts were generally the most interesting of the professional blogs I’ve visited.
      Thanks for your input.

  8. Andrew says:

    Your blog is one of the few I read. Most of the on-line woodworking stuff I spend time with are youtube videos. Sometimes I’ll read something on the wood whisperer and a handful of just people who post short descriptions and pictures of their latest projects.

    • billlattpa says:

      I read a lot of amateur blogs. I do view a lot of youtube videos as well, at least I had been, it seems like I’ve been doing a lot less of that lately. Everybody swears by Lumberjocks, but I don’t care for it all that much, only because it can get cluttered and difficult to navigate.

      • Andrew says:

        I tried lumberjocks for awhile didn’t appeal to me that much for the reasons you mentioned. I still checked it out every few months but I’ve not been much of a fan.

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