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It’s finally %*@#&% finished!


Just around two weeks ago I got sick; I don’t like being sick. I missed a week of work and generally felt like death warmed over. In the meanwhile, our frigid winter has continued and with it we’ve gotten lots of snow. In fact, in just over a weeks time we’ve gotten more than 3 feet. It has not been a friendly environment for woodworking. I still do not feel great, my garage is freezing, and even when I’ve managed to feel somewhat normal I’ve not had a place to woodwork. The main problem right now is the snow. My wife is parked in the garage, and I am parked in the driveway. My street has 5 feet of snow piled on either side and my little town more resembles Alaska rather than Pennsylvania. But today I caught a bit of a break. I had off from work and my wife did not, and that meant that I had a place to park along with an empty garage. So at long last I had the space and an hour of free time to get my Dutch Tool Box put back together.

In essence, this project was finished more than two weeks ago. Just before I got really sick, I took it apart and painted it. So all I really did this morning was put it all back together. I did end up adding an ogee to the lid, and for the record the lid still is not attached, but that is only because I decided on another coat of paint for added protection, which I did just a few hours ago. Other than that, I attached the handles and bottom cleats, and added my own little personal touch to the chest.

My logo!

My logo!

I had been on the lookout for a decorative touch to add to the front panel of the tool box. While the cut nails do a little to break up the flat black paint, it still is somewhat boring. I had many ideas, from inlaying a coin, to a flag, to Captain America’s shield, but I couldn’t find a suitable item that would fit the bill. Just as I was about to give up, I looked into having something made, and discovered a web site: I only needed to submit a design/drawing and they could convert it to a plaque sized to my choice. So I decided to submit my own design/logo rather than using a pre-made image, and I felt that “The Slightly Confused Woodworker” was as good a choice as any for my tool box. The company was easy to deal with, the plaque was inexpensive, and they also keep the image on file for future ordering, so If I like I can install my “logo” on future projects.

So now that this project is finished I’m not sure what is up next. I want to make a blanket chest for my wife, and I also want to make some new tools, and while I’m at it a new workbench might be on the horizon. But for now I am not doing anything. I still don’t feel all that great, there is still a massive amount of snow on the ground, and the cold weather is not expected to break any time soon. I don’t want to make any decisions until I feel better, and maybe more importantly, until I actually have a place to woodwork. At that, this winter cannot end soon enough, because until it does I will not start another woodworking project.

Tool box ready to go (the lid was still drying as of the publishing of this post)

Tool box ready to go (the lid was still drying as of the publishing of this post)



  1. Art Watson says:

    Oh the plaque is SWEET! Brilliant!

  2. Andrew says:

    Love the plaque. That’s a great idea.

  3. Jonas Jensen says:

    Really nice touch. Great idea.

  4. Jeff Branch says:

    I like the plaque; may have to check into some of my own. Good luck with all the snow. I don’t know how you guys up North do it.

  5. billlattpa says:

    Thanks Jeff. We got 4 more inches this morning. There is 5 feet of snow everywhere you turn. The sidewalks and the streets are barely passable. I feel bad for people without a garage or driveway.

  6. The plaque in it’s offset position is a nice touch. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  7. projectbuddy says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Bill. Really like the plaque for your toolbox too!

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