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Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Event


Yesterday morning, my wife, my daughter, and my mother and father-in-law accompanied me to the Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Event held at Hearne Hardwoods in Oxford, PA. Every year Hearne hosts a LN event that I do my best to attend. Last year, due to some unfortunate circumstances (those mainly being my wife weaseling her way out of going to not just the Hearne show, but also one that just happened to be held at a woodworking school in my old neighborhood in Philly) I did not attend a hand tool event last year. This year, when the save-the-date card arrived in the mail, I made it a point to put it on the calendar.

I like the Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Events as much as anybody, but the real reason I went yesterday was to check out Hearne Hardwoods. Though getting to Hearne from my house is rather easy, I usually only go there once or twice a year. Hearne is hands down the best lumberyard I’ve ever been to. Not only is the drive there a nice and scenic one, the setting of the yard itself is just as nice, and their selection is as good as you are going to find, anywhere. That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy looking at the tools, not only from LN but from others as well, and I did, in fact, purchase a LN #48 and dust brush. When you purchase LN tools at one of their events they waive the shipping and tax, so that alone saved me more than twenty dollars. I very nearly ordered a rasp, but backed out at the last minute. On another note, LN had two of their ‘new and improved’ workbenches on display, and they didn’t disappoint. Yet, there was also a Veritas bench present and I messed with it for a bit, and I have to say I really liked using that bench as well. I’m not sure why it was there because Veritas wasn’t present at the open house, though I’m not complaining as it was my first time ever seeing one up close. The bench had cast iron legs and a twin screw tail vice and seemed to be solid as a rock. Though the bench top was only half as thick as the Lie Nielsen, that didn’t seem to be an issue in the least. The LN bench was, in my opinion, a nicer looking bench, and another point for the LN was the high quality face vice that comes with. At that, the LN bench costs somewhere around $500 more than the Veritas. Having a chance to use both benches for a short time, if I were going to purchase one it would probably be the Lie Nielsen, but if for some reason I couldn’t, I would have no issue with the Veritas bench.

So I had a nice morning yesterday at the lumberyard. Because of the amount of people at the show, I was unable to go through the stacks of lumber to choose stock for the building of my table and my tool box, but that only gives me an excuse to take a trip back to Hearne in a few weeks when the weather is cooler and the leaves are changing. Other than a run in that my mother-in-law had with a nine year old Amish boy it was just about a perfect day. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be back at Hearne picking out lumber, and making a table that my wife doesn’t want.

I was only able to take a few photos yesterday. I once again had phone trouble…

Toy Land

Toy Land



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