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The Best Policy


Just today, my integrity concerning this blog was called into question. It seems that my purchasing of a shoe rack (American Made by the way) somehow has conflicted with my policy of no longer using Chinese made hardware and fasteners. I have a rule when it comes to buying, and that is: If I can by it ‘Made in America’ then that is what I’m buying. I’m not saying that every product in my home is made in America, but I can honestly say that the large majority of it is. Here is a quick rundown to prove my point, as I will share with you everything in my house that I either brought in, installed, or made since my wife and I have been living here.

Front Door-made right here in Pennsylvania. Front staircase-made it from Poplar. End tables, TV stand, Hall Table, and the Magazine Cabinet in my living room-Made them all myself. Sofa and Loveseat-purchased them from a furniture company that manufactures right here in Chester County, PA. Ceiling fans-all made in America.

Dining room chairs, table, and side board-Made in America. Bookshelf in dining room-made it myself.

All of my kitchen appliances and fittings-Made in America. My kitchen cabinets-Made in Lancaster County, PA. Silverware and China-Yeah, made in America. Countertop, made it myself. Flooring, made in America.

Bathroom-fixtures and toilet-Made in America. Medicine Cabinet-Made in America.

Bedroom-Furniture belonged to my wife’s grandmother-All made in America. Closet system-made it myself-closet pipe is American made EMT.

Daughter’s Bedroom-All of my daughter’s bedroom furniture is from the same collection, all made in Pennsylvania. I even made the crown moulding in her bedroom right in my garage.

Middle bedroom-End table-made it myself, closet system-made it myself, computer-made in the great state of Texas, chest of drawers-again made right here in Pennsylvania. Bookshelves-made both myself.

Washer and Dryer-made in America. Flooring in laundry room-made in America. Carpeting in family room-made in Pennsylvania. Sofa, chair, ottoman, and table and chairs in family room- all from the same company and collection Made in Pennsylvania. Bookshelf and TV cabinet-Made in America.

Cabinet, mirror, sink, toilet, flooring, racks, and lighting in downstairs bathroom-All made in America. All of the woodwork downstairs and up-American made. Racks in our downstairs storeroom-American Made!

Garage door and opener-yup, American. Workbench, stain cabinet, and tool chest-made them all myself. Boiler and Hot water heater-Made in America. Dartboard-made right here in Pennsylvania. ALL of my woodworking hand tools down to the dividers are made in America, Canada, England, France, or Germany. ALL of my electrical hand tools are American made Klein tools, with the exception of some Channel Lock pump pliers which were also made here in America. My socket and ratchet set, my hammers, my screwdrivers-ALL made in America.

My gutters-made on site. My fence-wood came straight from Chester county PA. My mailbox-that’s American made too! The windows we had installed two years ago? All made in America. All of the recessed lighting I put in-made in America as well. My Subaru? That’s made in Indiana.

I don’t dick around. When I say I try to buy American I mean it. When I say that I try to avoid Chinese made garbage I mean it. When I refuse to wear NIKE because they pay scumbags like Tiger Woods countless millions of dollars while they employ people at $2 per week I mean it. I’m not saying that everything in my house is American made, I’m sure that the TV’s aren’t made here, as well as most of my daughter’s toys, and probably a large portion of the clothing. But, IF I can buy American, I do it. I’m a man of convictions. I don’t lie; only pussies lie. When I say, or put into print that I am going to do something, I do it. Real men mean exactly what they say. Real men don’t bullshit. So when I say something on this blog, I am always doing my best to be completely honest and forthright, at least as much as I can be without revealing things I don’t want revealed with the general public. That is what I do here. I subscribe to honesty, because it’s always the best policy.



  1. Scott says:

    So the following kinda goes against the above.

    “So my plan is to tell my wife that the build is for my sister, and when the moment is right, tell her that my sister changed her mind and decided to go with another idea. I know this all sounds very devious, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. This is the only way I’m going to get to make this table without the Gestapo my wife hounding my every move. Maybe I’m wussing out and going against the man code, but woodworking mania knows no loyalties”

    Just sayin. A mans gotta do what he’s gotta do. All in the interest of staying happily married and keeping peace in the house.


    • billlattpa says:

      I said I never lie on this blog; I’ve never said that I don’t lie to my wife 🙂
      Actually, I did come clean to her about the table this past Saturday. She came with me to an open house at a hardwood dealer and when I was pricing up some wood I told her what it was for. I still can’t figure out why she’s so dead set against me making the table, as I know that she likes the design, and I know that she knows I have the ability to make it..
      Still, when it comes down to it, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always give my wife the whole truth when it comes to woodworking. If I did that, I may never woodwork again. Thanks.

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