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An Unexpected Party


Just a few days ago I found out that I would be attending an out-of-town wedding this weekend; so my bookcase project will be placed on hold for another week most likely. Thankfully I’ve finished my design and it met with the approval of my wife. As you can see from the attached photo I’m not much of an artist, but the drawing will serve it’s purpose as a general guide to the case construction.
I’ve kept it straightforward and traditional, with the main features of the bookcase being some basic arches and different thicknesses for the face frame, case, and case top. There will be some simple corbels(for now) and I will make the case proper using basic rabbet and dado joinery. To add some detail I am going to attach what are basically face frames to each side of the case to give it somewhat of a raised panel look. Because this is an Arts and Crafts inspired bookcase I don’t think I will add any decorative cove or mouldings to the side “panels.” I will again be using Pine and the Minwax Mahogany stain. I cannot see myself using the stain/poly combo on this build. While I liked how it turned out on the TV stand, I do not trust using it on a stand up case. My last build was stained and then assembled; this build will be assembled and then stained, making it much more difficult to control the runs and such that sometimes happen when using a stain/poly combo.
I’m estimating that without any major changes I should be able to have the case completed in two weekends worth of shop time, so roughly 16 hours. After that I will turn to my lovely wife to get the case stained and finished. It should be a fun build, my planes are tuned and my chisels sharp (though I may pick up a new blade for my table saw), so I don’t foresee any problems; I may hardly be an expert woodworker but I can build a case and face frame that is plumb and square fairly easily. As with most Arts and Crafts furniture, the little details will make all of the difference, and I will be making a case that will not only look nice but will also be a much-needed and useful addition to my livingroom.


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